Istikhara Dua for Marriage Proposal

Dua Istikhara for Marriage Problems and Proposal

One of the most essential decisions in your life is your marriage. It is a decision that affects all your life, future happiness, growth, and stability. In Islam, marriage has a special place. However, as a slave, we are unaware of what’s right for us and what’s wrong for us. It is Allah, the most … Read more

Dua To Stop Divorce

Dua To Save Marriage From Divorce – Wazifa For Divorce

Dua To Save Marriage From Divorce in Islam Allah Talah literally dislikes the word “divorce”. The Almighty says that it is the most disliked legit thing given to His slaves. So, one should always make effort to avoid it and prevent it. There are numerous stances in a marriage when things go out of control, … Read more

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