Istikhara Dua for Marriage Proposal


One of the most essential decisions in your life is your marriage. It is a decision that affects all your life, future happiness, growth, and stability. In Islam, marriage has a special place. However, as a slave, we are unaware of what’s right for us and what’s wrong for us. It is Allah, the most beneficent and merciful who is all-knowing. Thus, we turn to him for all decisions. If you want to know whether a particular boy or girl is right for you or not, you should recite dua istikhara for marriage.

How To Do Istikhara For Marriage?

You can pray two Rak’ahs of Salah as part of your Istikhara dua for marriage. Recite Surah Al-Fatihah and another Surah in every Rak’ah. The next step after praying Salah is to make dua to Allah, asking for His direction.

The dua will help you in getting guidance from Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala for your marriage. When you recite dua of istikhara for marriage, it wipes out the presence of satan from your decision and helps you in making a fair choice. The istikhara ki dua for marriage will help you pick the right mate for you who will be your support for all your life.

Dua Istikhara for Marriage

Istikhara Dua for Marriage

However, if you have any doubts about it, you should ask our Molvi sahab to do it for you. He has great experience in this regard and he will give you the best possible help. After you do the dua istikhara dua for marriage in english, you should wait for the signs. Often you get the sign in your dream. If you notice positivity in your dream, you should proceed with that proposal, but if you see a negative sign, you should not go for that proposal.

The dua for istikhara for marriage problems can be done for love or arranged marriage. You need the name of the boy or girl along with their mother’s maiden name for it. If you don’t get the result on the first night, then repeat the procedure again. Make sure you practice the istikhara ki dua for marriage with firm faith and devotion.

Indeed, Allah Talah helps and guides those who look up to Him for all their needs. Istikhara for love marriage will help you in making the right marital decision. It will not let you pick someone who is not feasible for you and hence Insha Allah, you will have a great blissful marital life ahead, without any complications.

Dua of Istikhara for Marriage

How To Do Istikhara For Someone You Love

Dua For Marriage Istikhara is here:-

  • Firstly, you should practice two rakat nafil namaz after performing the namaz of Isha.
  • Once you are done recite the istikhara dua for marriage and take the name of the boy and girl, along with their mother’s name
  • If there are two proposals and say the names separately.
  • Pray to Allah talah to hint you if the proposal is suitable for you or not.
  • After you are done, go to sleep facing Kiblah.
  • Insha Allah, at night, you will see a dream indicating if the proposal is right for you or not.
  • Make sure you follow the dream as it is a sign directly from the Almighty.

How To Pray Istikhara Step By Step?

Muslims are told to pray to Allah for help when they need to make important decisions in life. In particular, they are told to pray istikhara dua for marriage, a way of asking for help. Istikhara dua for marriage can be done before making any choice, big or small, whether it’s a new job or who to marry.

If you want to know how to pray istikhara dua for marriage, it’s a pretty easy process.
Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Make sure you’ve cleaned yourself up. (This means you should have washed (done wudu) and be praying in a clean place.)

2. Say the first line of the Surah Al-Kafirun.

3. Say the last three verses of Surah Al-Ikhlas.

4. Now, decide what you want to happen with istikhara dua for marriage. (You can do this by saying, ” I’m doing istikhara for this or that reason.”)

5. Say two optional rakahs of prayer.

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