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Dua For Intimacy Between Husband and Wife


In Islam, the bond between a husband and wife is considered sacred, and it is nurtured with love, respect, and understanding. One important aspect of this relationship is intimacy, which plays a significant role in strengthening the marital bond. To enhance this connection, Muslims turn to the power of dua for intimacy between husband and wife as a means of seeking Allah’s blessings and guidance. 

What is The Dua for Intimacy?  

There is a specific dua that can be recited by both husband and wife to seek Allah’s blessings for a fulfilling and harmonious intimate relationship. This dua for intimacy is not just about physical intimacy but also about emotional closeness and spiritual connection between the spouses. The dua to increase intimacy is as follows:   

“اللهم جنبنا الشيطان وجنب الشيطان مارزقتنا.” 


Translation: “O Allah, protect us from Satan and keep Satan away from what You provide us.” 

This dua for intimacy between husband and wife seeks Allah’s protection from the influence of Satan, who may attempt to sow discord and distance between the spouses. By reciting this supplication together, husband and wife are not only seeking Allah’s protection but also reaffirming their commitment to a loving and harmonious relationship.  

In Islam, dua is a means of seeking Allah’s guidance and blessings in all aspects of life, including marital intimacy. By reciting the dua for intimacy together, husband and wife are not only seeking Allah’s protection but also nurturing their spiritual connection and reinforcing their commitment to a loving and fulfilling marriage. This practice can bring about a deeper sense of closeness and understanding between spouses, fostering a harmonious and blessed union. 

How To Perform Dua To Increase Intimacy Between Husband and Wife?

Performing a dua to increase intimacy between husband and wife is a deeply personal and spiritual act. It is essential to approach this dua with sincerity, devotion, and the right intentions. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to perform a dua for increased intimacy in your marriage: 

  1. Choose a Quiet and Clean Place:

Find a peaceful and clean place where you can concentrate and connect with Allah without any distractions.  

  1. Perform Wudu (Ablution):

Before you begin, ensure that you are in a state of physical and spiritual cleanliness by performing wudu.   

  1. Face the Qiblah (the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca):

Position yourself facing the qiblah as a sign of your submission to Allah’s will. 

  1. Begin with Praise and Gratitude:

Start by praising Allah and expressing gratitude for the blessings He has bestowed upon you, including your marriage.   

  1. Recite Quranic Verses: 

You can recite verses from the Quran that relate to love, harmony, and marital blessings. For example, Surah Ar-Rum (Chapter 30, Verse 21) is often recited for this purpose. 

  1. Perform the Dua Before Intimacy:

   With a humble and sincere heart, ask Allah for increased intimacy in your marriage. You can use your own words or recite the following dua: 


   “اللهم اجعلنا محبين متبادلين، وارزقنا السعادة في بيتنا وبين أزواجنا.” 


  1. Repeat the Dua:

Repeat the dua multiple times, showing your earnestness and dedication to seeking Allah’s blessings.  

  1. Make Personal Supplications:

After the dua, you can also make personal supplications (dua) for specific aspects of intimacy and closeness you wish to improve in your marriage.

  1. Conclude with Gratitude:

Conclude your dua session by expressing gratitude to Allah for listening to your prayers and for His boundless mercy.   

  1. Continue with Consistency:

Remember that building intimacy in a marriage is an ongoing process. Continue to pray, communicate, and work together with your spouse to nurture your relationship

It’s important to note that dua for intimacy betwen husband and wife is a powerful tool. It should be complemented by practical efforts to improve communication, understanding, and emotional connection between spouses. Additionally, seeking guidance from our qualified Islamic scholar or counselor can also be beneficial for addressing marital issues. 

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