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Powerful Dua For Husband To Listen To His Wife Only


In every marriage, husband and wife should keep open communication. The conversations between them should always remain private. None of your friends and family should come in between both of you. Neither the wife nor the husband should ever connect with a person who badmouths your spouse. These things are the best ways to keep a marriage healthy. Is your husband still ignoring you after a lot of efforts from your side? To permanently resolve this problem, you have to try the dua for husband to listen to his wife.

Every husband should always listen to his wife. Sometimes, a man does everything apart from listening to his wife’s opinions. The dua to make your husband listen is the most powerful Islamic dua that can help you in changing your husband’s behavior.

Let us now go through the correct steps of this wazifa for husband to listen to his wife:

  • Sit down to pray in a quiet place after Salah.
  • Read Darood-e-Ibrahim for 21 times.
  • Recite “Yaa Waaliyo” for a thousand times for a week.
  • You should always do this without any evil intention in your mind.

Insha Allah, with this wazifa for husband, your husband will soon start loving and understanding you.

Dua For Husband To Love His Wife Only

Dua For Husband To Love His Wife Only

Every woman secretly dislikes the attention her husband gives to any other woman. Sometimes, women don’t even like her husband giving more importance to his mother than her. This attitude of women sometimes creates a rift between husband and wife.

Instead of secretly disliking and getting angry at your husband, you can try the dua to make husband listen to wife. The dua to make a husband love his wife only is the best way to make your husband attentive only towards you.

With the correct use of this dua for marriage problems, a woman can control her husband to a large extent. This dua is a very useful remedy for those women whose husband is having an affair. With this duas for husband and wife, every man stops paying attention to other women and only loves his wife.

Procedure To Perform Romantic Dua for Husband Love

Here is the step by step procedure of wazifa to make husband listen to wife:

  • First, make an ablution properly or take a shower.
  • Then, recite an obligatory prayer or Salah.
  • After reciting salah, you need to recite Darood Shareef eleven times.
  • Read the below wazifa for husband to love his wife only.

Wa Minn Ayatihee Ann Khalaka Lakumminn Anfusikum Azwa Jallitaskunuu Ilaihaa Waja Aalaa Baina Kumma Wadda Tauva Rahma. Inna Fi Zalika La Ayatilli Qaumiyya Tafaqarun.

  • Now, again repeat Durood Shareef eleven times.

Surah For Husband Wife Love

Dua For Husband Wife Love

Before marriage, every woman has fairy tale fantasies related to her married life. After getting married, she comes to realize the realities of marriage. Living with a new person and his family can sometimes be stressful. What is more stressful for this newly married woman is that her husband does not love her.

Our ancestors have been using the dua for love between husband and wife love to avoid these kinds of problems. As soon as the marriage is fixed, the girls are suggested to start practicing the husband love dua. This helps these girls to begin a very healthy and loving marriage right from the beginning.

Do you feel that your husband gives more importance to everyone except you? Every woman has certain expectations from her life partner. No woman wants her husband to be ignorant towards her. The wazifa for husband to listen to wife is helpful for those women who are married to an ignorant man.

Every woman wants to marry a man who is loving in nature, would care for her, and respect her. However, not every woman is lucky to find a man who gives her opinions equal importance.

Wazifa To Make Husband Crazy in Love

If you have decided to get married soon, you should try the dua for love marriage success. This wazifa for husband love from Quran will help you get the best marriage proposals for you. The proposals you receive will be all from good families only.

The meetings you will have with the prospects will help you find the best life partner for you. A woman only wants her husband and wife to love her the most. A woman would definitely want her husband to respect her opinion and give her choices equal importance.

Wazifa For Loving Husband

How To Make Husband Listen To Me

Dear husbands, our wives are always there for us, supporting us in every way possible. They are our best friends and confidantes, and they deserve our respect and attention. One of the best ways to show our wives how much we lost love and appreciate them is to listen to them attentively.

A woman who wants this kind of commitment from her partner, must read the dua for husband to listen to his wife. In this dua for the husband to love his wife, she asks Allah to bless her marriage. This dua for marriage proposal acceptance helps the men be the best husbands. Women pray that He grants their husbands the strength to listen to their wives with humility and patience.

Wazifa To Make Husband Listen To His Wife

It is often said that a strong marriage is built on communication. When spouses take the time to truly listen to one another, it can make a world of difference.However, sometimes it can be difficult to get your husband to really listen to what you’re saying. If you’re struggling in this area, you’re not alone. Luckily, there is a dua that can help.

The Dua For Husband To Listen To Wife is a powerful tool that can help improve communication in your marriage. If you’re feeling lost or frustrated, this dua can help you find the guidance and peace you need.

If you are a wife who wants to increase love in her marriage,the dua for your husband to listen to you, is for you. We’ll share a few duas and wazifa that you can use to improve communication and understanding between you and your husband.

Wazifa For Husband To Come Back To His Wife

If you’re a woman who feels like her husband isn’t listening to her, it can be frustrating and even upsetting. However, there is hope. The Quran tells us that we should pray to Allah for guidance and ask for His help in our marriage.

One powerful dua that you can recite is “Oh Allah, guide my husband and help him to see the importance of listening to his wife. Help him to be a good listener, and to value my opinion. Grant us both happiness and love in our marriage, and help us to overcome any difficulties we face. Ameen.”

Wazifa For Husband To Listen To Wife

The dua for an understanding husband is an Islamic dua to have an understanding husband. This dua will help your husband understand your point of view better. He will start giving priority to only your choices.

There are people all around who find excuses to create misunderstandings between married couples. If you want your husband to stay away from these people, try the wazifa for the husband to listen only to his wife. With the regular practice of this dua your husband will also start avoiding all those people who instigate him against you.

Does he ignore everything you try to say to him? To make your husband actually listen to you, try the wazifa to make husband listen to you. This powerful Islamic wazifa is the best Quranic remedy to make your husband consider your choices.

Wazifa For Husband To Listen To Wife

Wazifa To Make Husband Listen To You

The wazifa for understanding your husband will make your ignorant husband to consider your opinions as well. This dua will make them understand the importance of everything you say. This helps them create a compatible bond with their husband shortly after beginning their married life together.

The right way to perform this read this dua and wazifa to make husband listen to you is in the following steps:

  • This dua is to be performed daily at night.
  • Perform wuzu and settle down on your islamic prayer mat.
  • Pray Tahajjud prayer every midnight for two Raqats.
  • Recite Durood Ibrahim for 11 times.
  • Ask Almighty Allah to bless you and your husband to love with a happy marriage.

While performing this dua, every woman should have pure intentions in her heart. If you are performing this wazifa with an evil intention, then Allah Taala will punish you.

For any more questions regarding this wazifa for husband to listen to wife, you can easily contact our Molvi.

For any other questions about this dua, you can talk to our Maulvi Sahab.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recite dua for my husband’s success in career?

Yes, you can recite dua for your husband’s success in career. One of the most commonly recited dua for success is Surah Al-Qasas, verse 24: “Rabbish rahli sadri wa yassirli amri wahlul uqdatan min lisani yafqahu qawli”

How often should I recite dua for my husband’s well-being?

Recite dua for your husband’s well-being as often as your heart desires, for sincere supplications hold immense power. Consistency, devotion, and genuine intention are key to seeking blessings from the Divine for his health and prosperity.

Can I say dua to get my husband to love and care for me?

You can sincerely pray to Allah to bless your husband with love, care, and a deep bond between both of you. Focus on fostering a positive relationship and trust in His guidance for a harmonious connection.

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