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Dua For Love Marriage According To Islam 


When it comes to love marriages in Islam, the issues related to it seem never ending. We have a remedy that will help you end the obstacles of love marriage.  

The powerful dua for love marriage is a powerful dua. You can read this dua if you need help in marrying your love and it will give results within seven days.  

This article mentions about the powerful dua which will help you convince your parents for the love marriage you want. If you and your partner are having regular fights before your marriage, you have to recite this dua. This powerful dua will help you get rid of all the misunderstandings and issues. 

Read this verse from the Surah Al Muzammil 81 times: Llahu Kafi Alkafi Alkafi Wa Qassad Tul Lkaafi Wa Jadda Tulkaafi Bi Kaafi Yelkafi Wa Kaftan Yelkaafi Waa Neymal Kaafi Waa Lillahil Hamd 

Dua For Love Marriage 

Every person who has ever been loved understands that love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Life becomes sad and burdensome when one does not find their perfect partner.  

It hurts more when one finds their true love and lose them. If you have been through this pain, we will help you. You have nothing to worry about anymore, we are here to help.  

We will help you with the best dua to get your love back in your life. It is a dua that will make them fall in love with you again. Reading the dua to get your love back will bring them back into your life.  

How To Read Dua For Love Marriage For Best Results In 3 Days? 

  • After completing any salah, begin the process with this dua: Allah Umma Ighfir Li Wal-shaitaan Al-rajeem, Ighfir Li Wa Ladhi Hamzaah, Ighfir Li Waa Ladhi Amir. 
  • You have to recite this dua before you begin performing this process of the dua for love marriage.  
  • You have to say this supplication thrice: Ya Allah, grant me what I want, take away what I don’t want, and save me from all the sins.  
  • Begin reciting Surah Al Fatiha thrice for the process of the dua for love marriage. 

The dua for love marriages is one of the best Quranic prayers to marry the person of your choice.  

What Are The Best Surahs And Wazifas To Get Married To Person Of Your Choice? 

The most powerful dua to get married to someone of your choice will help you have a marital relationship you always wanted. This dua has been effective for many people. They have performed this dua as per our Molvi Sahab and have seen the positive results.  

Process to perform the dua to get married to the person of your choice:  

  • Begin with 11 recitations of the Durood-e-Pak on a daily basis after any obligatory namaz.  
  • After this, read ya Jami’u 101 times in a soft voice.  
  • Then, read the powerful dua for love marriage. Get the dua for love marriage from our Islamic scholar.  
  • After the dua, pray to Allah while thinking of the person you want to marry.  
  • You have to perform this dua for love marriage for 21 days.  

Inshallah, you will be blessed by Allah and will be able to marry your love soon.  

Want To Know If Love Marriage Is Allowed In Islam Or Not?  

Many people come to our Islamic scholar with this question. We want to tell you that yes, Islam allows us for love marriage. However, there are some rules and conditions one must follow. Marrying someone outside of our religion is haram and Allah does not give us the permission for it.  

If you want a solutions to the problems you are facing, we have a dua for you. You have to read this verse from the Surah Al-Ahzab:

Allahummaa Salli Alla Muhammadin Abdikaaa Wa Rasoollikan Nabbi yil Ummiyi Waalaaa Aali Muhammadin. 

If you have any questions about this dua for marrying your lover, contact our Molvi Noor Mohammad now.  

Dua For Marriage Soon 

When a person faces delay in their marriage, they face many problems. It affects their personal lives and disturbs the equation with their family as well. If you wish to convince your partner for love marriage, read the dua for marriage soon. You can also read the dua for love back if you want to bring them back into your life.  

Dua For Love Marriage To Agree Parents 

If you wat to make your family agree for marrying your lover, read the dua for love marriage to agree parents. It is a powerful surah in Islam and is very helpful. 

This is a powerful dua that will help you in getting married soon. It works within a short period of time and has huge impact. If you love someone wholeheartedly, this dua will help you marry them. It will also ensure that your marriage happens with the consent of your parents. 

Niyyah Of The Dua To Get Married To Your Lover 

If you really wish to marry the person you love, you have to keep these things in mind.  

  • Always have faith in Allah and never forget to pray to him every morning you wake up. 
  • Before every namaz, you must recite Durood Shareef 5 times.  
  • Before performing any dua, perform ablution while thinking of the person you love.  
  • Always pray to Allah SWT with a pure mind and clean heart.  
  • After completing your dua, you can take a shower.  

What To Do If Dua For Love Marriage Does Not Give The Expected Results? 

In case you did not get the desired results from the dua to marry the person of your choice, we have an alternate for you. Instead of performing this dua, you can also call our Islamic scholar for his expert help.  

The alternative dua for marriage with your lover is: 

  • Read the Surah Yasin while sitting on the prayer mat. 
  • Begin chanting: Rabbana Hablana Min Azwajina Wa dzuriyyatina Qurrata A’yun in Waj’alna Lil-Muttaqina ImamaRabbana Hablana Min Azwajina 58 times.  

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