Dua For Marriage

Dua For Newly Married Couple in Islam

Dua For Newly Married Couples

Marriage is the most crucial relationship in life which needs utmost care and understanding. Married Couples have some massive responsibilities towards each other after marriage. Everyone knows that a perfect marriage is the biggest myth. The dua for newly married couple is the best way for newlywed couples. It helps them to understand each other right from the beginning of their married life.

The dua for a newly married couple is the natural remedy that gives them the strength to work on their marriage. From the beginning of married life, Couples will understand each other and form a proper understanding between themselves. This dua for newlyweds will give them both the power to go through the most challenging circumstances they will face in their future. If you love someone and want to get married then you should recite dua to get married to specific person.

Dua For Married Couple

Powerful Dua For Married Couples

Every marriage has its good and bad times. every married couple can’t be happy every time. When you marry a person, many situations arise when it seems like the relationship will fall apart.  All the Efforts of keeping the marriage intact seem futile.

The dua for a married couple is the Islamic remedy to keep the marriage safe. People who think that their marriage is falling apart should start practicing this dua as soon as possible. The dua for newly happy married couples helps the troubled couples make a fresh start to their relationship and work on all the issues they have been facing.

Powerful Dua For Marriage Couples

Dua For Couple Getting Married

The biggest problem that one faces after a love marriage are not getting acceptance and love from their in-laws. Our society does not accept love marriages so easily, not even in modern times.

Couples have a fear of spending a lifetime together with an extraordinary person in case of arranged marriages. Getting to know a stranger’s good and bad habits is a stressful task. You will also have the responsibility of creating a family while spending the rest of your life with a stranger. If you are not getting love from your partner after marriage, should recite dua for increasing love between husband and wife. Our ancestors have positively used this dua. For newly married people, this dua can be beneficial. This dua gives the person and their partner the patience to understand and accept each other.  

Best Islamic Dua For Couples Getting Married

Couples who are getting married should use the below-given dua.

Allaahummaj-al-min Azwajinaa Wa Dhurriyatinaa Qurraata a-ayuninwaj-Alnalilmutta Qeenaaimama

One should perform the dua mentioned above after completing your daily Ablution. You have the freedom to recite this dua as many times as you want. This dua helps couples keep all the negativity and evil entities away from their marriage. This dua will also keep away all the people who want to harm your relationship because of their evil intentions. If your husband or wife is not feeling the same intensity about you, dua to bring husband-wife closer can be helpful for you.

For any other queries about this dua, you can quickly contact our Maulvi Sahab.

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