Powerful Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

Wazifa for Love Marriage To Convince Parents

Marriages by choice are still not treated with respect in Muslim society. Often parents don’t rely on the choices of their son or daughter and hence they don’t want their kids to take the important decision of getting married on their own. If your parents think that you are not capable enough to choose your life partner, but you want to marry someone of your choice, then wazifa for love marriage to agree parents is the best remedy for you. It will change the perspective of your parents and they will wholeheartedly accept your choice.

If you have chosen someone outside your community and your parents are against your wedding and they don’t want you to marry there, then wazifa to convince parents for love marriage will be your one-stop solution. It will Insha Allah, convince your parents to agree for your marriage outside your community. The powerful Islamic wazifa for parents to agree for love marriage is for all those lovers who feel miserable for themselves and are unable to convince their guardians for their Nikah in any way. It will change the heart of your father and mother and they will readily agree for your love marriage.

waziga agree parents for love marriage

The procedure of Dua to Make Parents Agree for Love Marriage

  • First, recite Surah Yaseen at least 3 times in a quiet place.
  • After that, you just need to read “yaa wudu” hundred times.
  • Then, read Durood Shareef eleven times.
  • Dissolve sugar in a glass of water and also add an ice cube to it.
  • Now add this sugar to the parents’ food and also ensure that they drink this water as well.

Islamic Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

If you don’t want to delay your love marriage by another day and you wish to marry your lover as soon as possible, then wazifa to make parents agree for love marriage will be of great help to you. It will make your parents and your lover unarguably agree with your marriage decision. All the problems will go away from your marriage by choice. And Insha Allah, your marriage will take place with great comfort and ease.  Make sure you recite this powerful wazifa for love marriage to agree parents in Urdu. Recite it with great faith and purity in your heart. 

If your lover is postponing the wedding date and he needs more time to marry, then wazifa for urgent love marriage will render help to you. It will convince your partner to marry you as soon as possible. You should speak to our molvi sahib to get the details of the dua. He will offer you the right help in this regard. If you are looking for a good and happy married life then the blessings of your elders are of utmost importance. Hence, it is essential to convince them of your Nikah. Don’t worry! The wazifa to convince parents for love marriage will do it for you. Just recite it as directed to get fruitful results.

Powerful Surah to Marry the Person You Love

If you are in love with someone and willing to get married then certainly you would be waiting for your parent’s approval. Performing this powerful wazifa for parents to agree for love marriage will sort out the family approval issue instantly.

After performing any obligatory salah of the day, recite the wazifa given below 303 times.

Ya Allahu Ya Fattahu

You should also recite for 100 times. 

La Haula Wala Kuwwata Illa Billa Hil Aliyil Azeem.

Make dua to Allah Talah to convince your parents for your love marriage.

Insha Allah, within 21 days, they will be ready for it.

If you don’t get the desired results in 21 days then you should speak to our Molana Junaid Jafferi Ji for customized help. He will give you the best Islamic guidance and solutions as per your situation.

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