Essential Things To Remember While Praying Islamic Dua and Wazifas


How Do You Ensure That Allah Accepts your Duas or Wazifas?

This article will give you some crucial points to remember when performing an Islamic prayer. These essential points will help make your prayer accepted by Allah and keep you and your family members grateful.

Remember these points to get desired results from any Dua or Wazifa.

  • Any dua, Wazifa, or surah that is meant to fulfill a wish should be done in Arabic.
  • Always Perform these Duas with good intentions.
  • If you encounter any difficulties reading any Islamic prayers in Arabic and cannot read this, do not hesitate to seek assistance. Contact the Molana Junaid Jafferi to seek help with reading prayers in Arabic.
  • Our Molana Sahab is here to assist you with the most effective Quranic prayers and remedies to solve your problems with love.
  • These are prayers from Quran Shareef and are considered very powerful. These help you to get rid of all your life problems. Consequently, you will bring peace and happiness to your life.

Things To Consider Before Performing Any Prayer

Let us now discuss the essential points to be aware of when performing a Dua or Wazifa.

  • A real Muslim should perform five times Namaz every day. Anyone who completes this will never face any difficulties in their life.
  • If a person chooses to perform a Wazifa or Dua, it is essential to do so with a positive intention for the act. A dua that is intended to hurt other people is not going to bring any result.
  • Women who wish to perform an act of dua or Wazifa cannot perform it during menstrual cycles. In this time, these Duas and Wazifa will not get accepted by Allah.
  • If you are performing a dua Wazifa, ensure that you don’t lose hope or trust in Allah Tala.
  • If you don’t get any results after performing the specific dua, contact Molana Junaid Jafferi. Call Now +44-2038075722. (Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram).

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