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All of us deserve love from a person with whom we can spend our whole life with. Finding a person who will love you and take care of you is not easy in the current times. However, in this article we are going to explain how the surah for love is helpful in finding true love in life.

Surah For Love

Many people understand how difficult it is to make someone fall in love with you. There are people who make every effort to impress a particular person in a short time. If you are trying the same, we are here to help you with the surah for love. It is one of the most powerful surahs to make someone fall in love with you.

The Surah For Love will help you in winning the heart of the person you love the most. If you read this surah to make someone love you sincerely, Allah will help you.

We will also talk about the surah for love marriage in detail. It is a helpful Quranic verse for marriage that helps people in marrying a specific person. It can be read by those who are finding it hard to find a good life partner to marry.

Surah For Love Back

Do you regret dumping your ex-lover? Do you cry all night because you terribly miss your ex-lover? Can you do anything to bring him/her back into your life?

Well, if you cannot stay a single minute without your ex-lover and you want to bring them back in your life at any cost, then one of the halal ways to do so is to practice Surah For Love Back. This love surah will transform their heart and your lover will come back to you on their own. Insha Allah, you will not need to do or say anything to him/ her. 

Sometimes you may not want to part your ways but the situations don’t turn in your favor and things go wrong. However, if you want to repent and make things alright between you and your lover, then the best way is to recite surah for love back. The surah will not just put the same thing in your lover’s heart but it will also pave favorable ways for you. Insha Allah, time will heal things and gradually you and your lover will be together again. 

Here is the Procedure of “Surah For Love Back ”

  • Begin with reciting “Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem” 99 times after performing Salah.
  • After reciting the prayer just think about the person that you want to bring back into your life again.
  • After that, read Surah Al-Mulk Verse [67:12] 100 Times.

Innal lazeena yakhshawna rabbahum bilghaibi lahum maghfiratunw wa ajrun kabeer (إِنَّ ٱلَّذِينَ يَخْشَوْنَ رَبَّهُم بِٱلْغَيْبِ لَهُم مَّغْفِرَةٌۭ وَأَجْرٌۭ كَبِيرٌۭ

  • Now, pray to Allah (SWT) for someone to come back to you.

Dua For Someone To Come Back to you

Surah To Get Married To Someone You Love 

If you wish to marry the person you love the most, you need the surah to get married to someone you love. It is the most powerful Quranic verse to marry the person you love. 

To perform the Surah To get married to someone you love, follow a simple process. Face the Qiblah on the night of the Qadr because angels come to the earth on this blessed night. While reading the surah, don’t let go of your faith in Allah Tala.

The Process of Surah for Love Back in Islam

  • First, you need to start with any obligatory namaz.
  • After that, perform Surah Al-Qari’ah “wa ma adraka mal qariah” Verse [1:11].
  • Then just remember that person whom you want back in your life as soon as possible.
  • You also need to have faith in Allah while performing this dua.
  • Perform this dua for 15 days continuously.
  • Insha Allah, you will get your lover back soon.

Dua To Get Lover Back

Surah For Love Marriage

Surah For Love Marriage is here:-

Allah Humma Layyin Qalbi Fulan binti Fulan Kama Layyintil Hadidi Li Sayyidina Da’ud Alayhis Salam

Where it is stated Fulan ibn-e-fulan say the name of your lover and his/her mother. Recite this surah for love marriage 100 times after making ablution during any time of the day.   

It will melt the heart of your lover and he/ she will immediately come to you to make up. You should perform this surah for love marriage for 21 days before expecting any results. 

If you don’t see any results in 21 days, then you can speak to our Molvi Sahib. And seek the instant solution from him for your matter.

Dua for getting lover back

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