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Islamic Wazifa To Control Husband Mind and Anger

If your husband has a male dominating personality and he doesn’t treat you well, then wazifa to control husband is the best remedy for you. It will give you an upper hand over your husband and he will never disgrace you or beat you anymore.

Yes, But not all Muslim men treat their wives nicely. They think of them as slaves and treat them badly.

If your partner has an issue of short temper and he often gets out of control and showers all his anger on you then you should immediately seek help. He will no longer vent out his frustration and anger on you and will learn to gradually get control over it. The wazifa will make your spouse a calmer and better person and he will gradually give up this habit. It will also help you to control husband’s anger.

Wazifa For Controlling Husband Mind

Wazifa For Controlling HusbandA lot of husbands have thought of dominating their wives and not listening to their advice and suggestions. If your spouse has this kind of mentality then it is important that you make dua to Allah Miyan to change it. It is very Strong Wazifa for controlling husband.

It will help you change the thinking and mindset of your partner. He will not look up to you as a ruler but will consider you as his partner, soul mate. So, practice the wazifa and see what magic it does on your husband.

You can get the procedure of this wazifa from our molvi sahib. You can also get wazifa for husband controlling in urdu.

Seek his guidance and he will offer you the best possible help. Often women get tired of living such a life and think of separation or suicide.

The wazifa will help you in getting control over his mind and heart and he will do things that are good for both of you. He will neither ignore you and nor take you for granted. If your partner hurts you and beats you without any fault of yours, then it is important that you recite wazifa to change your husband’s mind and get his mind normal. Often partners take their frustration out on their wives by beating them, but this is not permissible in Islam.

Just give this wazifa a try and see its amazing results. It will change your life for the better and make your husband a better man.

You may not get results overnight. So, it is very important to be patient.

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Wazifa For Husband Listen To Wife

Wazifa For Husband Listen To WifeIf your spouse is doing that to you then you should try to stop him through worldly and Islamic ways. You should practice wazifa for husband listen to wife to bring your husband in your control. The wazifa will change his thinking and make him understand you, listen to you, and agree with you.

Often wives reach the stage of suicide in trying to normalize things. Never think of doing that. Rather have faith in the Almighty and keep praying till you get the best results. All you need is a little patience and effort and Insha Allah, your partner will become an ideal husband.

So, do not panic and keep practicing the prayer till you get the desired results. If your spouse is seeking interest in another woman, then wazifa for husband listen to wife is likely to bring him back to you. Insha Allah, he will give up his interest in another woman and come back to you.

Often husbands tend to seek interest in women they find attractive, but it doesn’t mean you cannot bring them back. With the help of Quranic dua, you can attract your partner to you and re-gain their lost interest in you.

Dua for Anger

Wazifa To Control Husband MindIt is essential that you discuss the wazifa to control husband mind with our molvi sahib before you start practicing it. As it is a mujarrab wazifa, you need the permission of our molvi sahib before starting it. Have firm faith in these verses as these are from Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala and are meant to ease your situation.

Insha Allah, very soon your prayers will be heard. Often wives keep quiet and bear everything for the sake of their child and family, well it is good to do that but keep praying so that one day you get all you desire and your husband is completely in your control. With the grace of Allah Talah, that day will soon come to you.

Allah Humma Tahisa Alaiya Absara Zalimatihi Wal Murideena Bis Sui Wa An Tasrif Kulu Bihim An Sharri Ma Yaz Miru Nahu Ila Khairi La Yamlik Hu Gairaka

You have to practice this wazifa to control husband’s mind for three days and recite it after the namaz of Maghrib. Take some roses in your hand and recite the above-given dua 101 times and blow on them.

Keep these roses near your partner so that the fragrance reaches out to him. Insha Allah in no time, your husband will completely get in your control and listen to all you say.

Powerful Wazifa To Control My Husband

Wazifa for husband controlling is given below:

  • Perform this wazifa after offering Salah prayers
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Recite this ayat of surah Taha 111 times “Aniq Zifeehi Fit Tabooti Faq Zifeehi Fil Yammi Fal Yul Qihil Yammu Bis Saahili Ya Khuzu Hu Aduwul Lee Wa Aduwul Lah Wa Alqaytu Alaika Mahabbatan Minni Wa Li Tusna Alaa Aini
  • Then blow on something sweet
  • Pray to Allah talah to make your husband listen to you and get in your control
  • Make your partner eat the sweet dish and keep doing this for 11 days
  • Insha Allah, he will get in your control.

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