Wazifa For Husband Love and Respect

Wazifa for Husband

Wazifa For Husband Love and Respect

Wazifa for Husband Love and RespectSometimes husbands don’t treat their wives well. They abuse them, beat them, and ill-treat them for no reason. If your Shohar does the same and doesn’t give you any respect, then you should recite wazifa for husband love and respect. The wazifa will make your husband realize your position in his life and he will start treating you nicely. Similarly, if your spouse just harshly insults you in front of anyone, without caring about your respect and pride, then this wazifa will help you out. It will change the nature of your guy and he will stop insulting you.

In order to make your life happy and content, you definitely need the love and affection of your Shohar. If you want to win the heart of your man, then you should perform wazifa for your nd love and respect. As a wife, you would definitely demand love and respect from your spouse and it is his duty to offer you it. However, not all husbands follow this sunnah of Islam and devoid their wives with love and affection.  The wazifa will make him give you all the love and affection you deserve and will take care of you always.

If you are going to get married soon and you pray for a pious and honest man, then wazifa for husband love and respect will be your one-stop solution. It will fill your husband’s heart with love and care for you, right from the first day of marriage and your life will become heavenly. If your guy is losing interest in you and you think that he has been not giving you sufficient time off-lately, then wazifa for love of husband will give you the much-needed help. It will change the heart of your spouse and he will get attracted towards you.

In every relationship, the most important thing is affection and care. Without it, no relationship can last for long. The relationship of a man and his wife is very typical and without proper attention and affection, it may never be happy and prosperous. We often see in many marital relationships that there is no understanding and attachments between the partners. In such a case, the wife can take the help of wazifa for love of husband. 

The most important thing that any wife wants in her life is the love of her Shohar. The wife can tolerate everything but if she will not get the love of her man then her life will become really miserable. Wazifa for love of husband will be very helpful for all those wives who want to get the love of their Spouse.

Dua For Respect

One can discuss the procedure of dua for respect from husband from our molvi sahib. He will provide you the directions for the dua so that you get the best results on your first attempt. Every wife dreams of having a good and pious husband and if you don’t get one, then you may spend your whole life in sadness. Well, not anymore! Practice the dua and see the difference it brings to you and your married life. Insha Allah, your husband will have a complete change of heart and he will become a better person. You will have a great married life ahead with him.

Some husbands are very cruel. They treat their wives like animals. They beat their wives on every small issue. It becomes very difficult for such wives to spend their lives with such cruel husbands. It is not easy to get love from such a cruel husband. In order to get the attention of her husband wife tries everything but still, she is not able to get the love of her husband. In such a situation, the best option that is available for the wife is to practice strong dua for respect from husband.

This is a very strong dua. It has helped many wives in getting the love of her husband. But some wives perform this dua in the wrong way. Therefore before performing strong wazifa for husband to love wife needs to acquire full knowledge from Islamic personnel.

Dua For Respect From Husband

Wazifa for Husband LoveIf you really want to win the heart of your husband and bring him in your favor, then recite “Ya Afuwun” 12500 times for 11 days. You can perform it at any time of the day.

Insha Allah, you will see him melting and falling in love with you. It will make your husband care more about you.

If your Shohar tortures you or beats you, then you should ask for customized help from our molvi sahib which will change his heart immediately and make him a better husband.  

Wazifa For Husband Love and Respect is given below:

  1. Firstly the wife should make fresh wuzu.
  2. After that wife should read Durood Shareef 91 times.
  3. After that wife should read this dua-“ Astagfirullah “.
  4. After that wife should take a photo of her Shohar.
  5. Then she should read Surah Kausar 57 times.
  6. After that wife should take a bottle of Itr.
  7. After that wife should read Sana 8 times.
  8. Then should pour some Itr on the photo of her Shohar.
  9. After that, she should read Surah Faiz 10 times.
  10. After that, she should kiss the photo of her Shohar.
  11. Then she should read Surah Nisa 5 times.
  12. After that, she should keep the photo of her Shohar under the pillow of her husband while he is sleeping. 
  13. The next morning she should take out photo.
  14. After that, she should read Surah Hamza 10 times.
  15. After that, she should read Dua e Maghfirat 5 times.
  16. After that bury the photo of your Shohar under some soil.
  17. After that read Surah Fateha 5 times.
  18. Then take the name of your husband 10 times.
  19. After that read Dua e Qunoot 10 times.
  20. Then make a very special dua to Allah SWT.
  21. Perform this powerful wazifa for husband love for 2 days.
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