Islamic Wazifa For Angry Husband – Wazifa For Husband To Love Wife

Wazifa for Angry Husband

Wazifa For Husband Attraction

It is said that if a woman’s husband is angry with her and she goes to sleep without consoling him or correcting the issue, then she will go to hell. That’s the status of a man in a woman’s Happy life. This is why anytime your partner gets angry with you, you should do everything to rectify the issue and calm him down.

If nothing works, then she should practice wazifa for angry husband and Insha Allah, soon things will get back to normal and her partner will get back to talking terms with her.

If you think that your spouse is really angry with you and is not even talking to you, then you should practice wazifa for husband to love wife. The wazifa will melt his heart and he will soon forget all his anger issues. It will make your partner forgive you in no time and forget all your fault.

The wazifa to remove husband for all those women who are helplessly waiting for one smile from their husbands. Not all husbands are caring and if your partner doesn’t even talk to you politely, then this wazifa will be very helpful to you.

Dua To Remove Anger From Husband

We all know that feeling angry can be destructive. It can lead to arguments, disputes, and even breakups. If you’re feeling angry with your husband, it’s important to find a way to calm down and resolve the issue. 

This can be done by reading the dua to remove anger from your husband. This powerful prayer will help you calm down and find peace in your marriage. It will also give you the patience to sort out all kinds of issues that make you angry.

Quranic Duas is one of the most powerful tools we have to improve our lives. It is a means of connecting with Allah and asking for His help. When our hearts are angry, it can be difficult to calm down and think clearly. In these moments, we can make dua to Allah for help.

This dua is for those times when you are struggling to control your anger. It is a reminder that Allah is in control, and that He is the source of peace and calm.

Almighty Allah, help me to control my anger.

O Allah, help me to calm down and think clearly.

O Allah, help me to find peace and calm in You.


Dua For Angry Husband

If you are stressed about the anger of your husband, you can read the dua for angry husband. It is a very powerful dua to control the anger of your husband. By reading this authentic prayer from the Quran, you will soon be able to bring peace and happiness in your marriage. 


If you feel that your married life is struggling only because your husband cannot control his temper, the dua for angry husband will help you. This dua to control anger of husband will make him realize his mistakes. With a better realization, he will begin controlling his anger around you and his family. 


Wazifa For Husband Attraction

If you think that your dua for bad-tempered husband and wife no longer finds you appealing and attractive and that he looks towards other women, then wazifa for husband attraction is the right remedy for you. It will make your partner re-gain the lost interest in you. He will love you madly and would do anything for you.

Performing this wazifa will make you charm your spouse and win his heart. He will withdraw all his interest from another woman and would never look at anyone else, apart from you.

You can easily get the wazifa to love wife from our molvi sahib. He has already helped a lot of housewives with this dua. He will give you the wazifa as per your situation which will revive your marriage and end all relationship issues.

If you think that your partner has been arguing a lot with you and has been getting into quarrels frequently with you, then you should recite wazifa to calm your angry husband to ease his situation. Sometimes the workload and problems make husbands irritated. The wazifa will change his mind and he will Insha Allah behave nicely with you.

Wazifa For Husband To Love Wife

Wazifa For Husband To Love Wife

With time every marriage loses its fragrance. And as a wife, it is your duty to rejuvenate your married life. The wazifa for the attraction of the husband is your one-stop solution to bring in romance and attraction in your marriage.

Insha Allah, your partner will madly fall in love marriage with you and would regain his interest in you. Do not be worried if your partner is not giving much time to you. It happens but with the help of this dua, you can change him. These things are quite common in a marriage and should be dealt patiently.

Fighting and arguing with your partner is not the remedy. Silently make dua to Allah talah and Insha Allah, things will get better with time. 


Here is Wazifa for your angry husband :-

  • Prepare wazu and sit on the ja-namaz
  • Recite the namaz of Tahajjud
  • Then recite two rakat nafil namaz and lay down in sajda and think of your partner.
  • Recite Durood Ibrahimi 1000 times
  • Then plead to Allah Mian to melt his heart and make his anger go away.
  • Insha Allah, the very next morning, you will see that your husband has forgiven you.

If the issue is a big one, then you should consult our molvi sahib and seek personalized help in your case. Insha Allah, he will help you out with the best possible solution.

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