Dua For Someone Special You Love

Beautiful Dua For Someone Special

When you love and care for someone you always make dua for them. You think in their interest and always want the best for them. You also want them to be completely into you and have a great life with you. If you want to always be with your special one and never let any problems come in and wish for their betterment, then you should make beautiful dua for someone special. It will not just make them be with you but will also work for their betterment. It will enhance their interest in you and they will achieve new goals with you. 

If you desperately want to start your love life with someone you have been attracted to for too long, then it is truly a great way to achieve your goals. Though it is said that you cannot force someone to love you, but the dua will definitely establish feelings for you in their heart and that person will fall for you. You can pray to Allah Talah to make your relationship pure and true. Remember it all depends on your intentions. The purer your intentions are, the quicker your prayers will be heard and you will accomplish all your goals. 

Beautiful Dua For Someone Special

Special Dua for Something you Really Want

Beautiful dua for someone special

  • It is important to make fresh ablution and sit in a clean place before reciting it.
  • Then Read Salah.
  • Recite Durood Shareef thrice or 7 times maximum.
  • Recite “Allah Hus Samad” 100 times.
  • Then recite Durood Shareef thrice or 7 times.
  • Pray for the blessings of Allah for your special someone and to bring them close to you. 
  • Imagine their face while reciting it and blow on him/ her.
  • Perform it for at least 21 days and Insha Allah, you will notice a difference in their attitude. 

The prayer is so special that it will give you increased interest in their heart for you. For better or customized help, you should get in touch with our molvi sahib.

If you want to create a soft corner in the heart of someone special and wish to strengthen your romantic bond with him/her, then you should perform beautiful dua for someone. It will create love and attraction in their heart for you. That person will start taking interest in you and would like to spend more time with you. In short, you will win their heart and they will always be with you. The dua for someone will help you have a lifelong relationship with anyone you want.

Beautiful Dua For Someone You Love

In case, your partner isn’t truly attracted towards you and it is more like a one-sided relationship, then it is time you make dua for someone special and attract them towards you. It will create feelings for you in their heart and that person will get so much into you. Your lover will love you madly and become a genuinely true lover for you. The power of the dua is so much that it can melt even the most frozen hearts. Just make dua for your love and see its magic.

For those who don’t have the courage to express their feelings and wish to attract someone to them, they can perform beautiful dua for someone you love. It will create mutual feelings in that person’s heart and Insha Allah, he /she will come to you on their own. It will make them realize how much love they feel for you and they will gradually fall for you and pledge to spend their life with you. This is important that you practice the dua with the intention of marriage.

Beautiful Dua For Someone You Love

Beautiful Dua For Husband

You can acquire the procedure of the prayer from our molvi sahib. He will give you detailed knowledge of it. If you have argued with your lover and parted ways but now you want to collaborate with him/her, then make the dua and he/ she will come to you on their own. And to strengthen your bond with your partner. And will never let your dear one feel lonely. It is a great dua for anyone who really cares for their loved ones and wants the best for them.   

If you adore someone but that person has no hint about it and you want them to realize your love and come to you on their own, then you should recite this beautiful dua and Insha Allah, it will create a bond of attraction and affection between you two and soon your crush will approach you on your own. Prayers make everything feasible and achievable for you. You just need to recite them with sheer faith and purity in your heart. if your intentions are clear, then the Almighty will definitely bestow you with what you desire.

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