Dua For Increasing Love Between Husband And Wife

Surah to Increase Love in Husband’s Heart

In newly married couples, it is very common that the husband does not necessarily love his wife. The wife makes a lot of efforts to make her husband love her but fails in all her efforts. You being a newly married woman do everything in your power to get your husband’s love and to make him realize your importance. This situation is a problem in the lives of married couples as well. After spending years together, the love in their marriage starts diminishing. To keep this love alive forever, dua for increasing love between husband and wife is the best remedy.

Are you engaged women ready to get married soon? Do you want your husband to love you wholeheartedly? Every woman wants her spouse to love and respect her in their marriage. 

With the help of this dua, a wife can make her husband realize her importance in his life. He begins to notice all her efforts for him. Partner also understands her importance and starts spending more time with her. He even tries a lot of things to make his wife happy.

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Dua To Increase Love In Husband Heart

Dua for Increasing Love Between Husband Wife

They are ignorant towards their wives, do not love them, and don’t respect them as well. Such women always have the fear that their husbands will leave them for someone else. This fear however can be taken care of using the dua for increasing love between love husband n wife.

This dua is very effective in saving marriages. Islamic astrologers all over the world advise their followers of this dua to always stay in a happy marriage. This dua is also advising those people who are on the verge of a divorce. With this dua, even you can save your marriage from diminishing.

 The relationship between a husband and a wife is one of the most beautiful relationships in this modern world. The dua to increase love in the husband’s heart is the perfect dua to keep this beautiful relationship always alive.

Dua to Make Your Husband Love you More

The dua to make your husband love you more for women who doubt their husbands of having an affair. Even the women who think that their husband gives more importance to other people in their life use this dua.

The dua to make your husband love you more is here step by step:-

  • Firstly, before reciting this Dua to bring husband and wife closer, pray all 5 times of Salah.
  • Because Namaaz or Salah is the only thing that will help you in doing the impossible things. Praying is the only way with which you can make your husband love you.
  • After that, recite the Surah Ikhlas for love.
  • Read Durood Shareef for 11 times.

Insha Allah, Allah will create love in your heart as well as in your husband’s.

For more questions about this dua, call our Maulvi Sahab directly.

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