Dua For Husband

Dua For Husband and Wife Problems

Dua For Husband and Wife Problems

The relationship of a husband and wife is very fragile. It takes a lot of effort to handle this relationship. A little carelessness from either of the partners could make the relationship fall apart. If you and your partner are experiencing marital issues and you don’t know how to deal with them, then the best remedy is to practice dua for husband and wife problems. The dua will ease your situation and revive your relationship. It will end all the misunderstandings and make things better. 

If you are worried that your relationship with your spouse is getting worse with every passing day, then you should practice dua for husband and wife love. The dua will enhance love, affection, and understanding between you and your spouse and wipe out all the differences from your relation. It will mend the gaps and fill your marriage with trust and respect. If you are looking for a perfect marital relationship with your partner, then you should definitely perform dua to save your relationship, and Insha Allah, things will change.

Dua For Husband Wife Problems

Dua For Husband and Wife Love

Your partner will start caring about you and would love you wholeheartedly. If you have been wondering about why your husband is not giving you sufficient time and why is he not behaving well with you, then dua for my husband will be the perfect resort for you. It will make your partner’s heart turn towards you and fall in love with you all over again. It is meant to melt the heart of your spouse and make him do everything for you. This will not let your partner leave you or go to anyone else. This is important that you discuss the dua for love between husband and wife with our molvi sahib and practice it as directed.

With his help, a lot of marriages have been restored and if you want to make your marriage last long, then you should contact him too. 

Dua for problems amongst husband and his wife is given below :-

  • Firstly the below-given prayer can be performed by either of the partners.
  • The person performing it should read Durood Shareef for 36 times.
  • After that read this “Subhanaa Rabbiyal Alaa” for 1036 times.
  • After that write the name of your partner on a piece of paper.
  • Then cut that paper in two parts.
  • Then read Surah Yaseen for 10 times.
  • After that burn one part of that paper.
  • Then read Pehla Kalma for 36 times.
  • After that read Seventh Kalma for 5 times.
  • After that burn the other part of that paper.
  • Then read Surah Kais for 10 times.
  • After that read Surah Haroon for 25 times.
  • Perform this for 6 days.
  • And, then stop and wait for a week for things to change. Insha Allah, you problems will solve soon. 

Dua For Husband and Wife Love

Dua For My Husband

Every wife loves her husband. She always wants him to always remain fit and healthy. She always prays for his well-being and betterment. But sometimes when the husband gets ill wife becomes very worried. No wife wants her partner should be suffering from any health issues. In such circumstances, the wife can read dua for my partner or husband. This is a very special dua. Hence, you should be very careful while performing it.

  • Firstly read Surah Nisa 50 times.
  • After that read this  “ Allahumma Khair” 1000 times 
  • After that read Surah Falak 25 times.
  • Then read Sana for 6 times and think of your partner and blow on him.
  • Perform this for 2 days.

The dua will bring betterment to your husband and Insha Allah, you will find comfort. However, if you need any other customized help, then you can come to us!

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